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praise for "Crush"

- "'Crush' is an exceptional listening experience and highly recommended." - Midwest Book Review

- "Soulful, spiritual, and educational to boot, 'Crush' is a digital trip.  Pack your suitcase, grab your headphones, and dig in." -

- "Eclectic with a capital E, Telepath’s sophisticated beats take you right around the world." - The Phantom Tollbooth
- "Brilliant! A joy to listen to." - Driftwood

- "'Crush' is a versatile globe-hopping set that introduces one of the most interesting new world music acts of 2011." - World Music Central

- "'Crush' suggests a producer at the top of his game." - Planet

- "An exhilarating blast of ear candy. 'Crush' is a solid work of creativity from start to finish." - Homegrown Music Network

- "Did somebody say something about re-defining something? It’s called ‘Crush,’ by Telepath. Check it out." - Thailand To Timbuktu

- "An intriguing collection of singers and rhythms from around the world." - Inside World Music

praise for "The Remixes"

- "Groovy! Nice structures and sample manipulation--yes, more please!" - WTN Radio

- "Global funk-tastic beats, cinematic dub drops, Indian grooves, and after-midnight chilled breaks. Shines like gold!" - Rodon FM

- "Great music and really groovy!" - Kid Koala

- "Love this!" - BBC Radio One

- "Cool release, and musically very ambitious." - BaxxBeat

- "A perfect release. I couldn't find bad words even if I wanted to!" - Tilos Radio FM

- "Electro-acoustic bliss of the highest order!" - WJCT FM

- "Super cool!" - IbizaSonica FM

- "Great tracks just ready to pick up those dance floors. Winding rhythms, fat beats... Scorching!" - Volcano Radio

- "Beautiful earthy vibes and some incredible funky tracks." - My House Your House Radio

praise for "Contact"

- "Extremely satisfying for fans of the genre." - Okayplayer

- "Upbeat, danceable music that fits in just as well at a club as it does at a spiritual retreat. A complete work of art!" - JamBase

- "A unique blend of traditional and futuristic sounds that synthesizes Eastern and Western culture to create holistic, enchanting music." - Music & Arts Blog

- "Telepath has created a surreal and smoldering instrumental experience on Contact!" - Homegrown Music Network

- "Contact is perhaps one of the best albums I have heard all year” - Hidden Track

 - "By combining electronic beats with unique samples from instruments with cultural ties to the Middle East, Africa and India, Telepath has latched onto a sound that’s 

     distinctly worldly.” - San Francisco Chronicle

praise for "Fire One"

"Here is something special... you should check out this record... you won't regret it" - DubFlash

"Beware: 'Fire One' is so mesmerizing as to make you miss an exit or let time entirely get away from you!" - BoldLife

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